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Custom Guidance for every step of your unique ACL Journey.

Giving ACLers the knowledge and confidence to make the most of their rehab journey and empower them to come back from this injury stronger than before.

Gain a crystal clear understanding of your unique path to success following this injury

Wake up every day with complete confidence in what you need to that day to move toward your goals

Build a stronger & more resilient body than you’ve ever had before

Your ACL journey doesn't have to be filled with anxiety, uncertainty, and constantly wondering if you are doing the right things to achieve success. In fact, ACL rehab can be an opportunity to prioritize your health & build a stronger, more confident you.

Expert Coaching that guides you step by step on the path to a stronger & more confident you.

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The Origin of ALL IN ACL

Tommy Mandala is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Sports & Orthopedics, and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist in New York City.

On his path to becoming one of the most credentialed PT’s in the country, he completed his sports residency training at the University of Delaware where he had opportunities to work with many of their Division I sports teams as well as the Philadelphia 76’ers NBA G-league affiliate, the Delaware Blue Coats.

He also trained at Champion Sports Medicine in Birmingham, Alabama where he had the opportunity to learn from researchers in the American Sports Medicine Institute before moving onto a role in the sports clinic at Hospital for Special Surgery, the #1 Orthopedic Hospital in the country.

While at each of these institutions he honed his skills as an ACL specialist working closely with world renowned surgeons and evaluating patients from all over the world.

The more his expertise in ACL rehab grew, the more he saw the variety of ways that traditional sessionbased PT fails ACLers and contributes to the terrifying re-injury rates. Although he spent many sessions trying to build patients the custom program they needed outside the clinic, he was constantly frustrated by his limited ability to give ACLers the guidance they needed without the infrastructure of a digital platform.

Thus, he created ALL IN ACL, a digital coaching platform dedicated exclusively to helping ACLers return to the life they had before their injury with full confidence in their knee.

Free from the limitations of a session-based model, Tommy is able to truly get in the trenches with his ACLers, providing step by step guidance, whenever & wherever they need it.

Tommy truly believes that ACL success requires a level of comprehensive programming & guidance that is simply impossible through session based, traditional PT. For this reason, every ACLer he & his team work with is through this exact model.

This passion has paid off as Tommy now works with more ACLers than any other physical therapist in the world (nearly 200 per year) giving him a level of expertise unmatched in the clinical setting.

Tommy’s mission is to provide every ALL IN ACLers with the knowledge and strategy to maximize the efforts of their rehab and empower them to come back from this injury stronger than before.

This Free Educational Video Breaks Down ACL Rehab from A-Z in 5 minutes:


Ali Thackeray

39 years old, Fitness Trainer & Mother:

Do you want any limitations stemming from your ACL injury to define the rest of your future activities and hobbies? Neither did I! Getting the right surgeon was a very important step, but figuring out the right rehab program and person to get you there is as vital, or more, to getting back to full strength. And it IS possible!

I’m a mom of 4 girls, and tore my ACL and medial meniscus playing indoor soccer at 39 years old. I have always loved playing soccer, it’s a universal language I didn’t want to lose. I wanted to stay active with my family and for my own physical and mental health. I am so incredibly grateful I found ALL IN ACL. You get what you pay for and I certainly wasn’t getting what I needed with my local in person physio. Their standard was to get me back to walking, going up and down stairs- the very basics. I wanted to confidently get back to skiing, soccer, & trail running without inhibition. Between ALL IN ACL’s programming and method via a coaching app, uploading videos for feedback, weekly check ins, and my dedication to doing my PT – I got there! I recommend ALL IN ACL to everyone and anyone I know with ACL issues!

Hakeem Hindi

33 years old, Physician & Father:

Before ALL IN ACL, I wasn’t really getting a structured plan on what I needed to do outside of my PT sessions thus I didn’t really see how I could get back to the things I wanted to do like running & jumping. After starting my program I immediately started to see improvements in my range of motion, strength, as well as in a lingering pain in my hamstring I was having. ALL IN ACL gave me confidence that I was building the strength needed to get me back to playing lacrosse as quickly and safely as possible with a reduced risk of ever having to go through this process again.

Michaela Hoover

27 years old, Army Captain & Amateur Bodybuilder:

I would recommend this to anyone who is going to PT & feels that they aren’t getting their questions clearly answered that they need and not getting a clear plan from their physical therapist. When I started ALL IN ACL I was struggling with my range of motion, strength & wasn’t even walking normally. Having access to ALL IN ACL throughout the week helped me not only improve all of these things but also to receive a PERFECT SCORE on my Army physical fitness test just 1 year after ACL surgery.

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ACL Surgery is a BIG deal. Your knee and your active lifestyle are simply too important to spend a minute of this recovery wondering if you are doing the right thing. Get the plan & guidance that empowers you to take control of this ACL rehab and use this journey as an opportunity to build more strength & confidence in your body than you've ever had before.